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Hardwire Charger



  • matthew_lasorsa

    It isn't made clear anywhere what the charging voltage requirements are for the Cube GPS and/or what the Hardwire Charger can be connected to.  The manual lists "Charging Voltage" of 5V DC, which makes sense given that the port on the Cube GPS is USB.  But the video above shows the Hardwire Charger being connected to (what I assume) is a 12V battery.

    Can you clarify what voltage range the Cube GPS can accept?  If it is in fact 5V, then there must be some form of voltage regulator within the Hardwire Charger?  If this is the case, then what are the voltage requirements that the Hardwire Charger can be connected to?

    What is the maximum expected current draw during charging?  Or what gauge is the wire of the Hardwire Charger?  I think it makes sense to include a fuse on the (+) wire of the Hardwire Charger near the battery.  This information is needed to determine the proper fuse value.

  • The hardwire charger can be connected to batteries between 12V and 24V. The voltage regulator on the charger will output 5V.

  • bclarkeoob

    Can you avoid the connection to the battery and going through the firewall by attaching the wire to the fuse box?

  • Jason, Cube Tracker Support

    We recommend connecting it to a battery as the power source. However you can hook it to a power source that works for you.


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